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Your Shadows Brought to Light

Take a deep dive into the root of what has been holding you back with our trauma-informed alternative approach to traditional therapy or counseling. We offer a holistic, spiritual perspective on Shadow work, focusing on the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit.

Rather than just scratching the surface, we believe in exploring the underlying wounds and traumas that shape your experiences and behaviors. Our approach is rooted in deep self-reflection, emotional awareness, and a profound understanding of the impact of trauma on your life.

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What it looks like?

We provide a safe and nurturing space where you can explore your Shadow—the parts of yourself that have been hidden, repressed, or neglected. By shining light on these aspects, we unlock the potential for profound healing, growth, and transformation.

Free Discovery call where we get to know each other see if we're a good fit.

We're available in between sessions via Google Chat for ongoing support throughout your journey.

Weekly one on one calls. Typically 60-90 minutes.

Two coaches, work with
both of us simultaneously.

Weekly stretches for continuity between sessions.

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We have immense reverence and Love for the person showing up each day to heal and better themselves. It’s a journey we are all to familiar with and don’t step into lightly. We both come from a life of trauma and know how hard it is.​

We provide a safe and nurturing space where you can explore your Shadow—the parts of yourself that have been hidden, repressed, or neglected. By shining light on these aspects, we unlock the potential for profound healing, growth, and transformation.

Our approach integrates various modalities, including somatic practices, energy work, mindfulness techniques, and spiritual teachings. We honor the interconnectedness of your experiences and guide you on a journey of self-discovery, self-compassion, and self-empowerment.

In our work together, we strive to create a supportive and non-judgmental environment where you can safely explore and heal. We walk beside you as you navigate the depths of your being, uncovering layers of conditioning and trauma, and reclaiming your authentic self.

If you're seeking a transformative journey that goes beyond traditional therapy, we invite you to join us on this holistic and spiritual path of healing. Together, we'll navigate the Shadows and illuminate the way to a more vibrant and fulfilling life.

Who's this style of coaching for?

  • Anyone who's ready to break from old patterns and past behaviors holding them back.

  • Anyone open to examining their past experiences, patterns, and beliefs with curiosity instead of fear.

  • Anyone with a commitment to their personal growth.

  • Anyone with a genuine desire to grow and evolve as an individual.

We work with couples

and individuals.

  • Anyone who's on their healing journey and is looking for help and support. 

  • Anyone with an open mind who is receptive to new perspectives, insights, and alternative ways of thinking.

2 different options available

3 Month Intensive

3 month Transformational Experience 

$1480 per month - 3 month commitment

Discount if paid up front

Payment options available

This option is perfect for those seeking a complete life transformation—a deep and lasting change that permeates every aspect of your being. If you're committed to embarking on a profound journey of self-discovery and growth, this option is designed to support you every step of the way.

By having someone there to hold you accountable, we can navigate any challenges that may arise and help you avoid falling back into old habits. Our intention is to provide unwavering support and guidance so that you can experience lasting change and create the life you truly desire.

If you're ready for a total life overhaul and are committed to doing the deep inner work necessary for lasting change, this option is designed to meet your needs. Together, we'll embark on a transformative journey that will empower you to create the life you've always envisioned. Get ready to embrace true transformation and experience the joy and fulfillment that awaits you.

During our time together, we will delve deep into the core of your being, uncovering and addressing any resistances or obstacles that may arise along the healing process. We understand that breakthroughs are essential, but without ongoing support and accountability, it's easy to slip back into old patterns.

1 Month Deep Dive

One month

$1630 single month

Payment options available

This option is tailored specifically for individuals who are already on a self-development journey and have made significant progress in various areas of their life. If you have one or two major changes you're seeking to make and are looking for additional insight, guidance, and accountability, this option is designed to provide the support you need.

Accountability will be a crucial component of our work together. We'll help you stay on track, maintain consistency, and ensure that the changes you're working towards become integrated into your life in a lasting way. Through regular check-ins, support, and personalized strategies, we'll provide the additional accountability you desire.

With this option, we'll focus on the specific changes you wish to make. We'll provide expert guidance and insights to help you navigate the steps required to bring about those changes effectively. Our aim is to assist you in developing a clear roadmap and action plan that aligns with your goals and values.

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Hello, we're Steph & Craig

We're not just your average couple. We've walked the path of trauma and healing, both as individuals and as partners. We know firsthand the twists and turns, the challenges and triumphs, that come with navigating the depths of your Shadow.

Our journey has ignited a fierce passion within us to support others on their own healing journeys. We bring our whole selves to the table, embracing both the light and the Shadow, because we understand that true healing requires embracing every aspect of who you are.

With our trauma-informed approach, we create a safe and nurturing space where you can explore, heal, and grow. We approach this work with utmost care and sensitivity, knowing that your healing is a sacred and important process.

If you're ready to take that leap, to step into your personal growth and transformation, we would be honored to join you on your journey. Together, we'll navigate the depths, uncover the hidden gems, and discover the incredible power within you.

With Love, 

Steph & Craig

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